We offer a new, easy way to offer a benefit to your employees that shows you and your company are truly concerned for them and their families.

The American healthcare system is in a tough transition period. Employees still commonly look for insurance from their employers but the average cost of providing comprehensive insurance to a family of 4 is now about $16,000. Employers are often times unable to provide that type of comprehensive plan which used to be the norm. We all talk about the importance of preventive and primary care.

We all want our employees to be healthier. Imagine being able to provide your employees with primary and preventive care for $150 or less per month for their whole family: There are no copays, no deductibles, and no confusion. Included in this cost are urgent/sick visits, annual physicals, and annual labs with the physical. While not all labs are included, we can offer labs at substantially decreased costs compared with the typical clinic, making primary care an affordable option again.

We are accessible by phone or e-mail and have no incentive to make your employee miss a half day of work since we have no office visit charge so we can not only help your employees stay healthy, we can often times do it without them even leaving the office.

We would love to sit down with you and talk about direct primary care for businesses and how we can help keep you and your employees happier and healthier.