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Joel Fankhauser, MD
Joel Fankhauser
Lynn Davis, MD
Lynn Davis

Dr. Joel Fankhauser, Dr. Lynn Davis, and Dr. Ivey want to spend more time with you as their direct primary care patient.

In order to return the doctor-patient relationship back to the center, they offer simple and affordable monthly subscription plans instead of spending so much time dealing with the hassles of 3rd party health insurance. Learn how it works.

Plans + Services

Our direct primary care plans provide acute and preventative care for all ages. The monthly subscription fee covers all routine clinic visits, phone calls, text messages and emails. View the Plans


Instead of meager 10-minute appointments with patients that we used to be restricted to, we are happy to offer same-day appointments available for 30 minutes, and yearly physicals of up to one hour.

Covered Services


  • Newborn and routine well childcare (About immunizations)
  • Sports physicals
  • Care of any chronic pediatric illness
  • Coordination of care with pediatric subspecialists


  • Annual wellness, with yearly lab included
  • Routine gynecology care, with PAP (extra fee for path but can be billed to most insurance plans)
  • Management of chronic medical problems
  • Coordination of any specialty care needed