We’re excited to be starting our new direct primary care clinic! We believe strongly in this idea and will do our best to provide great acute and preventative care for all ages through our affordable subscription plans, for both families and individuals. Without the numerous hassles of dealing with third-party insurance plans, we are able to focus more on you, our patient(s), in time and quality of care. We’re excited to have you as a patient of our direct primary care clinic!

We are located at 2104 S. 54th St., #4, Rogers, AR. Our phone number is (479) 268-4504 and our FAX number is (479) 222-0061.

Questions about our direct primary care clinic?

Do you have some general questions for us about our direct primary care clinic? While we have strived to put in as much information as possible, we realize that we may have missed something that you’re searching for.

If you haven’t yet read the “How it Works” page with its’ Frequently Asked Questions, please start there and you may find the answer. Otherwise, feel free to contact us using the form below and we will respond shortly!

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For more information on direct primary care, try visiting the KevinMD.com website.